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TIGI's solar system is fully operational in one of Israel's largest wineries

Petach Tikva, 30 Nov. 2015

TIGI, the Honeycomb Collector company, has completed another installation for provision of water for an industrial system in Israel.

The system - a 240 m² collector array - is installed in Golan Wineries in Katzrin, and provides ~70% of the annual heat energy required for the winery's barrel and tank washing process.

Each day the winery uses 12 m³ of water at 85 °C for the process.

In sunny summer days the system is designed to supply up to 100% of the energy needs of the winery. When needed, additional energy is provided by a fossil fuel boiler.

The first few months of operation meets expectations and simulation predictions.


TIGI achieves IP foothold in transparently insulated solar thermal collectors

Petach Tikva, 2 March 2015

The honeycomb collector is on its way to becoming a new category in solar thermal.  Combining the thermal efficiency of evacuated collectors with the collection efficiency of flat plate collectors, honeycomb collectors open up new opportunities in the process heat and cold climate sectors of solar thermal heat.  Pioneering work by TIGI’s founders on transparently insulated solar thermal collectors from the 1990s demonstrated the performance advantages in terms of efficiency at high temperature differentials between collector and environment.  This work is now in the public domain. 


However, since 2010, TIGI has invested heavily in R&D to overcome the key challenge in honeycomb collector productization – overheating.  Recently, the US and Japanese patent offices have allowed broad claims protecting TIGI’s Overheat Protection Device in several different embodiments.  Similar claims are pending in many other geographies including the Chinese and European patent offices.  Furthermore, an additional invention disclosure, describing multiple applications of transparently insulated solar thermal collectors has been allowed in China and is also pending in multiple additional geographies.  All in all, TIGI’s current portfolio comprises 7 patent families ranging from those mentioned above to our most recent application for an in-line heater integrated honeycomb storage collector, which received a clean search report from the EPO.

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TIGI completes installation of a solar system for Unilever plant in Israel

Petach Tikva, 31 Dec, 2014

TIGI, the Honeycomb Collector Company, today announced that it has completed the installation of another commercial solar hot water system.

The system, a 25 m² collector array - was installed by Chen Liquid Heater Corp. Ltd. (a system integrator) in the Southern city of Arad, on the rooftop of a Unilever food factory.  It is retrofitted to become part of an existing system generating heat energy for the industrial needs at the plant. The system is expected to provide close to 100% of the heat consumption required in summer days, and ~ 75% annual Solar Fraction for the commercial hot water process it serves.

The first few days of operation in cold winter days show excellent performance.

Installation of ST system in Unilever Arad plant

Mr. Daniel Coriat, System Integrator of Liquid Heating Corp. Ltd. Said: “We selected TIGI’s collector after a long assessment project we made during the design phase. After the initial run up period we are extremely happy with our choice. The collectors were very easy to install, and the integration process to the overall system was smooth and flawless. The initial output from the collectors seems to exceed our expectations. We look forward to working with TIGI in future projects”.

Zvika Klier, TIGI’s CEO, said “We are very excited about the completion of this commercial installation and for catering for the needs of such large industrial player. We are confident that our system’s high performance and overall attractive cost per kWh will lead to significant savings and quick Return of Investment for Unilever, and that this installation will serve as showcase for other factories with similar heat requirements. We expect to complete and report the installation of another large industrial solar installation early 2015”.

Moshe Ben-Yishai, TIGI’s VP of Sales, said “Our transparent insulation collector design is ideal for industrial and commercial applications where the target temperature range is 70-100 °C. The system also implements our patent-pending collector-level overheating protection as well as the sealed case design which will keep the Negev dust outside of the collector, ensuring long life of this highly performing system.”

About TIGI

TIGI developed the world’s most efficient solar/thermal collector and the first to provide a commercially viable solution for cold and temperate climates based on transparent insulation

Honeycomb technology. TIGI’s Honeycomb Collector can produce year-round heat energy at lower costs than any other known alternatives, including electricity and fossil fuels in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

About Chen Liquid Heater Corp. Ltd.

Chen Liquid Heater Ltd. is a family owned company located in South- Western Israel (Negev). Chen specializes in the planning and installation of energy-saving projects primarily for heating water. The Company manufactures and markets a unique electromagnetic system, based on the induction method and also provides modern heat pumps, solar panels and tanks accompanied by a sophisticated control board. The equipment is fully remote-controlled with adapted command systems to enable the customer to achieve significant savings on their energy expenses.

With over 20 years of experience, Chen is committed to supplying the customers with an optimally adjusted heating system. Several hundred projects have been carried out nationwide with satisfaction in various sectors. In many cases, Ma'ayan, the patented unique induction unit, has provided high benefits to the system.


For further information contact:   Moshe Ben Yishai, TIGI’s VP of Sales


TIGI completes installation of an industrial solar heat system in Israel 

Petach Tikva, 2 Apr. 2014

TIGI, the Honeycomb Collector company, today announced it has completed the installation of a commercial solar hot water system in Israel.

The system - a 40 m² collector array - is installed in Kibbutz Urim, and provides heat for a commercial laundry. Each day the laundry uses 5 m³ of water at 80 °C. In sunny summer days the system is designed to supply 100% of the energy needs of the laundry. If needed, additional energy is provided by an on-line gas heater.

The first few days of operation show very good performance. In some of the days (in March) the water temperature in the tank reached above 90 °C (!).

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TIGI is on the 2012 Global Cleantech 100 List of the Top Private Companies in Clean Technology

Petah Tivka, Oct-2, 2012

The 2012 Global Cleantech 100, the annual list of the most promising private cleantech companies, produced by Cleantech Group, has been unveiled. These are the global companies expected to make the biggest impact on clean technology over the next 5 to 10 years.

Drawing on its own data and research, combining it with the weighted qualitative judgments of hundreds of people and the viewpoints of an expert panel, Cleantech Group curated the 2012 list from over 8,285 companies from 85 countries. These companies were weighted and scored to create a short list of 236 companies presented to the expert panel for final input. The end result was 100 companies from 13 countries.

TIGI is thrilled to be on this year's list!

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